Anything About Wifi or Wifi Technology

Anything About Wifi or Wifi Technology

WiFi may be the other name for wi-fi or wireless network, this name is mostly utilized by none technical users who just learns how to access internet wirelessly, they know basically nothing beyond that. WiFi is basically short form for wireless fidelity. However many advance users are not well aware of this terminology either, it is ,more known which has a name of Wifi. WiFi term is written in lots of ways which are, Wifi, WiFi, WIFI, Wi-Fi fiwi etc.

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Wi-Fi was introduced by Wi-Fi alliance in 1985 it turned out enough time if it wasn’t utilized as commercially but were just set to specific organizations for testing purposes. Wi-Fi Alliance is pioneer in developing WiFi technology and all the hardware associated with Wifi is generally certified by Wifi Alliance compliance. Wifi later developed properly and than eventually lunched for public used in USA in 90’s, gradually wifi become standards for most in the computer communications in countless organizations worldwide

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